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Gluten free, lactose free, allergen free, MSG free, GMO free, soy free…starting to sound like a song, right ? And the list goes on and on…

Reading this, are you nervous, anxious, feeling at a loss for a better health? Feeling like it is getting really complicated to eat and ensuring that your body is boosted up with great organic, biological and local foods? We get it. So much information is going around that it is hard to keep track. But guess what, on MaBoîte@Bouffe’s blog, we’ll keep you folks updated on the latest research, in order to Muscle Up Your Health! TM All you have to do is Click! To Your Health! TM

If you are feeling at a loss, welcome to your path to a better health made easy: Ma Boîte@Bouffe on line IS the first service of its kind. Why? Because we do not prepare only great healthy foods respecting the highest quality but rather we TAILOR MAKE IT FOR YOU ONLY! AND IT TASTES HEAVENLY! But you’ll be the judge.

Yeah! You read right, we actually take in consideration your level of activity, age, body fat percentage, health situation and neurological behaviors in order to better your health.

Ma Boîte@Bouffe is for the whole family, every gender, every occupation and even high level athletes. All you need to do is to fill up your request specifying EXACTLY what you want.

SPECIFICITY IS A KEY INGREDIENT when it is time to Muscle Up Your Health TM. Fitness athletes have been long time working with food charts. In order to find out what are the portions of the different macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) you need, you can book an appointment with a health or fitness professional that would recommend your specific portions and then all you have to do is to fill up the order form. You’ll get your meals prepared and delivered to your home or even, your work place.

What if I don’t what to do that? If you want just healthy meals with no personal specificity, we’re there for you as well. There is great weekly healthy selection from which you can choose as well. We got you!

What if I am looking for a qualified and experienced health/fitness professional to guide me to specificity? Well, we got you there too! ProActif Fitness has been a leading enterprise in the fitness competitions, extreme physique transformation and global health sector for now, over fifteen years. Care to take an appointment? Go ahead, make that jump! All you have to do is send an email to their attention at info@proactiffitness.com, requesting an appointment. While you’re at it, visit their website at www.proactiffitness.com.

Must be boring to eat healthy all the time? I got a sweet too, you know…Nah! Not when you see our “Bouffe sur le Pouce” section. We got you again! Soooo goood that you’ll forget your name and be in a trance with a big fat smile on your face but without the fat on your stomach.

What if I am not at my house or place of work when I get my delivery? Your meals, if you are uncertain to be at your place, can be delivered in a refrigerated box which holds the freshness and cold for up to 6 to 8 hours. You can purchase your very own Boîte@Bouffe’s box on our site when you pass your order. This is reusable at every delivery. Yeah! We deliver for sure and in green, all the way to your doorsteps.

Our GOAL: make your life easy as it can be while keeping your belly happy!

Our MISSION: make healthy foods taste heavenly while making you a fat burning machine and Muscling Up Your Health TM and this, EVEN when it comes down to sweets.



Ma Boîte@Bouffe Team
Click! To Your Health! TM